Camp NaNoWriMo Day 19

Time for another update. Let’s talk about POV this time.

So I mentioned in the previous update that I was planning to write more, at least an hour or so every day, but well… that didn’t happen. Oops?

I mean, it’s not like I didn’t write anything, just not nearly as much as I was hoping I would. What I did do, however, is change my POV (and in the process did some editing already, which is technically against the rules, but meh). I read this blogpost by Kristen Lamb about Deep POV. I was intrigued, and after some consideration I realized that this type of POV would actually be perfect for the story I am currently writing. There’s plenty of action and suspense in my plot, and this POV will (hopefully – I’m still experimenting) make it easier for the reader to be dragged into the story.

While I was editing, I also noticed for the first time just how many tags I use in my writing. There was a lot of ‘he says’ and ‘he asks’ (yes, I write in the present tense… I think it’s more immersive, somehow. *shrugs*), but now that I was looking at it from this new perspective, I realized that those tags were often completely unnecessary. I’m already writing from my character’s point of view, so it’s obvious that he’s the one talking. No tag needed. It only disrupts the flow of the story, and I hope that by removing them and diving deeper into my character’s psyche, it will be beneficial to the story overall.

Quick comment on my tendency to procrastinate: IT HAS TO STOP. I am going on a study trip to Brighton next week, which means that I probably won’t have any time to write. I only have about 9k words left to write, so I need to make the best of every writing opportunity I get if I want to reach my goal of 50.000 words. It’s time to focus and get those words on paper!





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